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moody goth

Alternative Games

The following games are now in development :)

1 - Grand Theft Otto

You play Dr Otto Octavius (AKA Dr Octopus) trying to steal all the high tech items you need to build your ultimate planet dominating weapon while fighting off Spiderman, Daredevil and other assorted Marvel heroes trying to stop you!

2 - Resi-Dent Evil

You play Chris Redfield, the owner of local car dent and repair shop Resi-Dent. Business has been bad and you're on the verge of going out of business. So you decide to turn to evil! Sneak around town in this stealth vandalism game! Damage enough cars each night to give yourself enough business the next day while dodging increasingly suspicious and watchful car owners, private security and police! In the final level, get into the Beaulieu Motor Museum and do enough damage to set up a long-term restoration project that you can be hired for, securing your business's future!

More to come :)